Base female and male resources? (Completed)

So, does anyone by chance have a base female and male resource? May they be naked or just wearing under-clothing, I require some base textures to start with. I am using EO3, so if you can fit the sprites accordingly that would be friggin awesome.

Okay, so I’m content with what i have. so uh… Yeah. Nevermind on this post.

I do not use EO 3 so I am not sure if these will work, but here is a couple examples of some male and female sprites I found to be good for sprite bases…


I’ve seen you around here, really getting into eclipse. Just thought I’d say Welcome to the community. If you need resources there is simple resources you might want to take a look into here…

Hey, thanks crest. And yeah, I have been around eclipse for a while. But emails have changed. And passwords lost. And Interest in mmos lost and regained…. I guess what i am getting at is this is probably either my fourth or fifth account since EO2 first came out. And i still cant code C# HAHA

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