Call War 2D MMORPG

Call War

Call War is an 2D MMORPG game

I am currently looking for staff and players for my mmorpg game please download the game by the link below and message me in-game or reply to this forum post.

i would really appreciate you people joining

visit our forum to keep upto date Official Forum




~Main Screen~


Game With Invent

Attacking NPC

Settings Menu

Admin Menu

any additional information can be found on our website

sorry the server hasnt been up there shouldnt be any downtime anymore

looks nice 😛 i might try it sometime

a mapper is urgently needed

try looking in the talent center or asking around the forums theirs quite a few mappers on here a lot of them get busy fast though

There are plenty of mappers on the forums, if your lucky they work for free, some might help you if you help them, others want payment, have fun looking 🙂

i wanna server + client this game

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