EO3 usability

Hi guys, so I’m using eo3 to build my game, I do however have some concerns, eo3 seems like a feature free open source dx8 engine? Why is everyone not using it and looking for eo2 engines or a new engine to be released using dx8?

Believe it or not some people don’t like DX8 thats why they look for eo 2 engines (your prob like wtf) but its true and half the people waiting for a new dx8 engine are people who dont wanna learn vb6 and make something out of eo 3 and then their are just some people who like to use newer engines then olders

you got people from every direction and different perspectives

EO 3 is slightly buggier than 2 but not by much. Many people are using other custom dx8 engines due to them having the features they’re looking for. A lot of people are using these custom engines because they’re looking for features they can’t add themselves. If you don’t know any VB6 programming use a custom EO 2 or 3 engine or hire someone to add in what you want.

Sounds good 🙂 I just need drag an an drop furni from eo4 for the housing system I have 😉

it can probably be ripped from eo 4.

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