Linking a variable to a players HP

Does anybody know how to do this? I want to add certain events based on what HP the player has. Or something that happens when the player dies depending on what a certain variable is set too.

For the 2nd part, when the player dies, it should be fairly easy to edit. Server side just look for

Sub OnDeath

And add whatever code you need to be run when the player dies there. The other one could be done a few different ways, but it would depend when you want something to happen. If you want something to happen when the players health drops below a certain point after an NPC hit him, just find

Sub NpcAttackPlayer

and add a check in there after the damage is taken.

Alright. Let’s say this, what if I wanted a variable to change when a specific monster attacked the player? I’m rather new to messing around with this, so I’m not very good at coding. what sort of code would I need to write if say

Var1=12 then put a chatbox message(Player) color red, “You fall to your knees as the powerful poltergeist destroys your soul. You wake up sometime later in a hospital bed.” do you get what I mean? Sorry If I’m not understanding correctly, Just a little tricky for me to figure out on my own.

On the NPCAttackPlayer add a check that checks if the Player(index).Vitals(Hp) = # then do whatever you want.

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