Paperdolls in eclipse how to?

Hello pls help me how to add paperdolls in the my client?

what this need programt thx for all help thx 😃

Simply by adding your paperdoll sprites into /data files/graphics/paperdolls

They have to be .png format, depends on if you use Eclipse Event System 2.3 or if newer.

how to painting this paperdolls or im killing this spree :(

pls show me in my teamviewer okey? :) i dont understand this :(

You can paint them basically in every graphical program. You can use paint, but they wont be transparent. I use Graphical Gale. Its similiar to paint, but more advanced. :)

dej na sebe kontakt na skype pomuzes nam? mám svuj team

other copy of your topic you made deleted and topic moved to questions

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