Attacking animation feedback

Is the shield turning too much during the attack? something else feels off about this but i cant figure it out.

general feedback and critique on the implied movement/poses if you would, also ignore the creepy face its just a placeholder so i know where his face would go until i find an artist that can make the faces

looks good to me 🙂

I think the shield turning looks pretty natural.

Will this be part of an eclipse game?

Will this be part of an eclipse game?

Would be cool if it is!

Will this be part of an eclipse game?

I sure hope so. If not I hope it’s in some kind of game.

Yes, This is for my eclipse game. I havent named it yet but it will feature complex combat and equipment as well as actual animations that animate the paper dolls along with the user. whatever you equip will follow your body as you walk,run,fight,ect…  the 3d model is custom made by myself as will be all items and equipment that requires paperdolls. Ive designed some interesting features that will make this game not only visually apealing(for eclipse) but tremendiously addictive. cant really say much yet though lots of stuff in the air about it.

Sounds interesting can’t wait to see it.

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