Phantasy Star Online 2

A game I’ve been playing since the story of PSO Part 1. I posted this topic just to see if anyone here would care to join me.

Just on the note here, it’s region blocked in south east asia due to silly RTMs.


My Gameplay:


IGN: Duran Riot

PID: Lavos671

looks interesting 😛 i might try it tomorrow

Good to hear, you can find me on Japan SHIP 02 “Ur” Server(Mostly US players) I haven’t confirmed that EU as also had been blocked your going to have to confirm it by loading up the main website on the browser.

I loved the original one. I am still waiting on this games release over here.

PSO2 Summer Festival Event!

This game looks really awesome. If I’m correct I believe the new CEO of Sega says it’ll be released in the U.S. In a few months. If so I’ll definitely give it a shot.

They’ve been telling us it will come to the west for a long time now, but it keeps getting cancelled, delayed or stuck up someone’s arse for some reason or another.

I bet that when it finally does come most folk won’t leave their JP characters behind and the western release flops as a result.

I wouldn’t wait if I were you, I can start you right off with this guide I have here.
Link: Click Here

It has everything you need to play this game on english.

Here’s another photo of me playing the guitar in my room, and yes it does play music…

I gave up on playing this a long time ago. It got boring real quick with mostly Japanese folk around me and a very poorly translated game client. (Not even kidding, google translate would probably have done a better job at it at the time)

If it ever sees a Western release, I might bother. Until then, meh. Plenty of other games to play.

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