[RESOLVED] [EA] Changing the window appearence in EA

Im trying to move around elements in the current EA window, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to move the actual game window. Simply put, Im trying to make this:


Turn into this:


I can handle the rest of this, and turn it less into a mess mind you xD, but like I mentioned, I cant figure out what the name of the game area is called.

Well right now all the UI elements are rendered on the the game screen with DX8. To go for that style of UI I think you will have to change them to be form controls like in the default EO.

Right, which would require a bit of recoding I assume, but doable nonetheless. Still wondering what that DX8 area is called specifically though.

May I ask why your going for this particular UI style? It kind of limits you because you can’t set the game screen to be maximizeable, and I always thought that render UI elements to the game screen looks more professional.

The problem we’re facing is the fact that the on screen elements are slightly in our way, and makes it slightly difficult to deal with certain areas of the screen. I believe we might try fading most of the elements when they arent needed, as well as hiding a good deal of objects all together (ESC menu + bindable keys). I figure we could also attempt stretching the DX8 window without increasing the amount of tiles and move some elements like that.

You can try moving the elements like the hotbar and health to all be along the bottom, then make all the windows movable and closeable. And I’ve figured out how to stretch the DX8 screen to fill the window, I’ll eventually release a tutorial for it but there’s another part I want to work out.

Or a simple fix. Allow a “minimize” button that closes a certain window and opens it back up when clicked. I wouldn’t know how to make it though, still learning EA.

Image doesn’t exist?

Looks like imageshack decided to change its actual name on my photo. Anyway Its probably best I update even further what we want this thing to look like.

Image final fantasy 7, health bar and mana at the bottom of the screen, commands pop up when its your turn, etc. We’re actually probably going to hide most if not all on screen gui elements, but being able to move the actual DX8 window is still something I need.

I know in EO its called picScreen, still hoping someone can help me out with the name for it in EA.

So you basically change the location of GUI elements? EA now renders everything. (yes everything) To move certain gui elements (like chat box and stuf) go to data files\interface.ini or something. It will have all coords for GUi. If you just want to change the buttons then you can try editing them in InitialiseGUI sub.

Ive got that, but what is the actual name of the game area? This topic is going way off topic ;o

You mean like picScreen as I said it doesn’t have any. It is rendered. Check out modGraphics.

Alright, we’ve scrapped some ideas, but with some help we’ve got our client looking like this now.

Me thinks its turning out alright so far.

Edit: Setting this to resolved, but I cant for the life of me find the lock button for the topic D;<

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