Free Server Hosting

Ok, i have just bought a new custom PC. And im sooo happy, So because i know what it feels like to have an unreliable server, or even a laggy connection. I will host anybodys server for free, I am able to host your server 24/7. I am only going to host a few servers because I really do not want to be hosting like 10 or more.

Bearing in mind that my PC cost over £1000

These are the specs

Processor - AMD Phenom II Hex Core

Memory/RAM - 16GB

Storage - 1.5TB

I dont think the rest of my PC specs are relevant but if you want to know them just ask.

whats your bandwidth?


im paying $64.99 per month, im not sure if its amazingly fast or not but it sure is pretty expensive

yes but what is your download and upload limit?

go to

Can you host mine? You can have a Access on my game if you do

Sure Sherwin and Download=22.90 Upload=2.33

Ping:102ms jitter:101ms

Will you host mine? add me on mail when you can or tudorioan903 y/m :)

Will you do mine i’ll PM you email james[at]galaxinaproductions[dot]com

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