Animated tiles

Hi all, so lots of you know that RMVX games now map water on cliffs to make it feel much more dynamic than flat boring water

My question is does anyone know how to animate the water?

Add auto tile system in and use that to make water animate

I believe if you are on Eclipse Origins 3.0 in the map editor there should be an option to change the tile you are placing from a normal one in to an animated one.

Thanks guys, the system at the moment that i switch to for animation requires a certain format like the basic water tiles at different postions next to each other, i dont have that for this particular tile, and yes im using eo3 with worlds vx resources

Did you do that map, Whitespirits? My first thoughts were, “wow.”

I do believe 3.0 is the same as 4.0. Here is what one of my water sets look like. Hopefully it will be of some help how to animate it for EO.


I know right agora, that map is beautiful

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