So, apparently I’ve been banned/muted for suggesting removal of the shoutbox, but that’s alright, i know how to use forums.

I was wondering if i could start a contest and/or if someone would start my contest in my place as i don’t have the permissions.

Id like to see an item creation contest, and the requirements would be something like this:

icon for item


item type: (weapon…potion…equipment…ect)

drops from:


unique desirable characteristic

curse:(to counter desirable)

an example:

(pretend im an icon of a chicken suit)

name: chicken suit of peril

item type: full armor (head to toe all slots)

drops from: The temple of KFC final room behind the boss(who was also a chicken?)

rarity: one in the game, when wearer dies the suit “flys” back to the temple room for the next person

unique desirable characteristic: While wearing the chicken suit of peril +20% to movement speed and a 1% chance of golden eggs dropping directly to inventory

Curse: 1000% aggro range and aggro never expires with distance. (every monster who sees you sees you much easier and never stops chasing you)

this example is silly but you can be as serious as you’d like with your item just give it something special and a drawback