Fullscreen please help

Greetings, i was wondering can u edit Eclipse - Event System 2.3 to make it full screen and upload it please.

I tried but failed didnt made any maps yet so its no problem to start again :P help me and others that cant do it themselfs

thank you in advance

I think to make it full screen, you’ll have to do 3 things in function that makes it go fullscreen:

1. Change frmMain to borderless form (set BorderStyle to 0 - none)

2. Move it it 0,0 (frmMain.Left=0, frmMain.Top=0) with remembering in some variable old values.

3. Change resolution to 1024x768 (closest one to Game’s main window size) with saving current resolution, both can be done via WinAPI

For going back from fullscreen:

1. Restore resolution from previously saved value

2. Restore window’s position

3. Change frmMain’s BorderStyle to 1.

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