The World Library + Editors(soon)

To start off if you want to see a some what fully working piece of this check out the old XNA code here -

Now to start off I’m still in the process of working on converting the editors to monogame so the source for them are not added yet. The main library though is all set and ready to go.

The library is based off of XNAGPA RPG tutorials. I have made some small changes to them to work with an orpg type of game.

TWL is a library that will allow you to create 2d Games in Monogame and C#! It will compile and run on any Major OS. - Linux and windows compiled and tested so far.

  • C# and MonoGame
  • Lidgren Network Library
  • Full set of editors
  • Set of Custom Controls - eg. textboxes, labels, pictureboxes, etc.
  • More!!!

Credits -

Source -

Once I have the editors moved over to Monogame I will post that source to codeplex as well and update this thread. Once the editors are moved over and working just fine, I’ll be working on creating a basic little example on how to use this library. Until then enjoy and tell me how much I suck at game programming! lol

which version of c# is this ?

It is 4.0 of C#/.NET

I am wondering if you guys would like to see the networking inside the Library itself or to have it out side and in the client and server?

Nice 🙂

This looks nice might use it

Still working on the editors. I need to change out a few things to get mono game working with the map editor. Once that is complete I may just leave out the networking and just let people do their own networking… Or add the ability for plugins lol

Can’t wait 🙂

Prolly won’t be till February when I have time to test them all.

ok sounds good

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