What's the best ( and easy to use) music making software ?

I was looking around and I was wondering what’s the best software to make music for an eclipse game ? I’ve seen the MIDI format keeps it really compressed while the ones of RPGVX are somewhat large, and since I need space for the cutscenes my game will have (most compressed I got is still a bit big) I was thinking in using a sound format that doesn’t take much space like MIDI. Any suggestions ? I was looking at the musics of Crystalshire, was that made in some specific program ? Thanks in advance :)

It relly depends on the type of style, Are you also looking for making effects, if so I suggest Fruty Loops.

Sony has s free music creating software i think. There is also an online music creater witch is supprisingly good. Cant remeber the name so you will have to google it. This site offers more than music creation so if you stumble across a website like that than thats it.

are the music that come with crystalshire free to use, or were they made by Robin (or someone working for Robin) and are copyrighted ?

If you want to make MIDI music, try using Anvil Studios. Its what I use.

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