Dragon sprite that will fit paperdolls

I am looking for dragon sprite that will fit paperdolls for weapons, etc. as in my game you’ll be able to become dragon. Can anyone make me one? Dimensions should be as those of the default characters, so paperdolls will fit. As my game will use modified EO Nightly, you can use 32bit PNG (with Alpha channel), so you can do nice antialiasing around char.

I made one, it’s humanoid though, so it doesn’t stand on all fours.

Well, I’m looking into humanoid one (otherwise it wouldn’t fit paperdolls even if it would be same size as human chars - armor, etc., would be off). Bring it on.

//edit: Face would be nice too, as player will be able to be dragon and we need to show something in face space of character profile, don’t we?

yeah didn’t make portrait. and its green so your gonna have to change the colors or whatever if you want.

Well, I can pretty much do recolors. It is making art from scratch what really scares me. So if you can make portrait too, I’d be grateful. For now, just share char.

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