Profile Show-off

Show off your signiture and profile picture in a topic where it makes sense for someone to talk about your profile.


just post a reply so people can say nice siggy mate.

hey nice siggy m8?

am I doing this right?

nice siggy m8!~

Why did you steal my old signature? Im so confused.

I don’t know marsh, why did I steal your old signiture.

I honestly thought Robin was back. I feel cheated.

Robin was here like 2 days ago actually… He talked in the shoutbox.

Here is my sig, as of 1/3/15 (in case I change it) it’s the logo for the game I’m working on.

Nice Siggy m8!

Crest is head developer now? lolRIPeclipse.

Nice sig

I’ll show mine!!

How’s it!

^ Best one ever. 😉

Lol Sherwin

Nice sig sherwin lol

Robin asked that I changed  my profile picture, so I’m no in 3D, that’s right Crest 3D white!

Haha i knew he would soon.

Nice sigs everyone but Sherwin definitely wins xD

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