[Download] Eclipse Newbie v1.2

Eclipse Newbie



- Maximum Level 1000

- Level next to the name

- System Event Experience

- Spell linear system

- Guild System

- Press Esc and exit the game

- Admin and Player released battling each other

- Automatic Reset to reach lv 1000

- System Checkpoint

- Mini Map

- Vip System by Date

- 10 levels of difference not attack

- Press “DEL” minimize game

- Quest System

- Turn Player (Left (PgUp), Right (PgDn), UP (Home), Down (End))

- Kill Count screen and Deaths

- Ranking LV



! Download: http://www.mediafire…f3z18dcl3nk115s
! if they use the engine in your project say her name and the name of the creator basically like this: “Eclipse Newbie (newbie123)”**

Another one!?!? Seriously, there is no need for another clusterfuck engine with a load of copied and pasted tutorials.

I’m sorry, I’m just helping those with little programming knowledge so that they are encouraged to create their games. A and please do not talk to me about something like “if they do not know how to program an engine not know then create a game.” xD

It’s not about that. You’re encouraging lazyness. How long did it take you to make this? Not long, it’s simply a case of CTRL-C, CTRL-V.

no no, it was actually more, why here in my country (Brazil) translations comes with bugs, what makes me create some (the simplest) and fix some bugs of which has tutorials. I am talking with you now, using Translate


Dont down him guys this will help starters -.-

brandon what he is saying is when people use custom versions that com pre filled with stuff they think they can make a game without learning how to program at all.

thank those who support what I did, I’m creating a new version with unique things, ai put here to touch the staff. :)

glad to see your learning to program.

Cleaned up this topic and moved the discussion about custom versions to the thread already made for that.

nice thx alot it helps alot of us the custom version you guys make in general are awsome its like a tut with no diretions nice for a noob

I support what you are doing newbie123, people around here are just mad because they think they can program just because they can copy and past code, and when someone releases something without the requirement to copy and paste it takes the people off there high horse. I remember typing in a 150 page book just to get a smiley face apear on the screen wish I had copy paste back then I would have been the most 31337 programmer!

Keep up the work your doing here, lots of people do not know anything about programming and they should not learn VB6 to get started or even attempt to deal with this useless language if they already know a language.

Lets utilize this engine as how is should have been for its over a decade long life it was created for people who don’t or can’t program so they can make a fun little game project with no experience. The “copy paster programmers” will always be mad tho let em be mad.

what exactly does vip do other then title and time how long u are?? o-o

and the quest system can give alot of detail and depth to a good quest.

how i can make a guild?

This is good for newbies to use, yes but its lazy and its clearly copy and pasted tuts. We’ve seen these before, we’ll see them again.

@Mytsa, look for the guild tutorial.

This is good for newbies to use, yes but its lazy and its clearly copy and pasted tuts. We’ve seen these before, we’ll see them again.

@Mytsa, look for the guild tutorial.

Great! Good to use for learning, not recommended for making a game though imo.

Love it, it is good for making a game for starters or for lazy people.

Remember: You can freely add and remove anything to this engine and this is actually what I was looking for. Thanks!

In one sence I agree with Sekaru, because this is just a bunch of tutorials copied and pasted. Yet again hes an asshole sometimes, so my opinion kinda balances out. At least your doing somthing. So kudos to you.

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