An uNpOPULAR Suggestion

As someone who has administrated suhoutboxes(with forums) I think the forum should be removed.

I have logical reasons why and I’d appreciate the consideration of this idea and any comments you all might have.

The Forum is a great way to communicate with other members quickly and its a fun element of the website. but what is the cost?

a conversation in the shoutbox could be compared to a thread in the forum. there is a topic, and multiple users contribute their own thoughts. the difference between this conversation happening on the forum instead of in the shoutbox is the speed of the conversation. convenient yes but unfortunate for anyone who might of been interested in starting the same topic a few hours/days later.

Without the forum, the active community would still want to talk with their friends, and would do so in a better, less permanent public shoutbox that others could join in on and more people would have reason to actually check the shoutbox for the topics that are being discussed.

removing the forum would greatly increase the number of opportunities for discussion between a broader number of users on a greater number of topics from the active community and help alleviate the “dead” feeling of the shoutbox with the lack of shouts.

Removing the forum would also reduce the amount of necroposting as it is impossible to revive a dead thread in a shoutbox.

I support this entirely

inb4 board of shame.

I can stand behind this.

Not biased.

inb4 board of shame.

If it did I’d have more board of shame threads than anyone else

Would that be an accomplishment for you?

I dont appriciate this parody of my thread.

lmao, so lemme get this straight, noisy minority of Eclipse:

You complain when a moderator gives out a warning for what is banal trash.

you know, whatever’s dictated under the rules that you agreed to when you signed up as part of the ToS.

You then proceed to go and post yet more banal trash.

You then wonder why you got warned.

The flow of proceedings, it’s uncanny, isn’t it!

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