Official Eclipse Teamspeak 3 Server

Hello Eclipsians,

I would like to introduce a new Teamspeak server for us to use, I have personally cashed down for this server for us as a contribution to Eclipse, it seems that TS3 servers and IRC servers were a popular request. As I have stated in a lot of my other recent posts, a lot of these community additions are only experimental, if they seem to cause issues or don’t seem to work out, they may be removed. Without further a do, here is the rules to the Teamspeak 3 server, I do suggest that you read them.

Please note I JUST made the server and haven’t had the time to set up all permissions and channels yet


! 1. No Flaming or Trolling

  1. Please do not attack on others
  2. Keep conversations clean
  3. Keep all mature material in the 18+ section of the teamspeak, the 18+ section is a privilege.
  4. Do not obsessively poke others.
  5. If you need an admin or moderator, poke them once they will be with you within a given time.
  6. Moderators and Admin ranks are carried over from the forums. Private message me for assigning your proper group
  7. Do no fake other members names, stealing the identity of another player will be an immediate ban, even if you’re joking around.
  8. Do not blast your music or mic spam
  9. If you make an echo, please switch to push to talk mode.

TeamSpeak IP Address

! IP:

I hope you all enjoy the contribution, have a happy new years everyone,


Glad to see something like this on Eclipse! 😄

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