I will start dropping some of my music into this thread. I use to host my songs myself but since lately, that particular server bellied up and I have been relying on free hosts to pass around my music. So I’ll be linking around to various upload websites like Newgrounds, Soundcloud, etc.

Further note: I have a nasty habit of creating a ton of unfinished work. However, if you like something, tell and encourage me how it should sound and perhaps I’ll be inspired to actually complete it. However, I will label if it’s unfinished or not

Without further adieu.

Styles (dnf)

Violence (dnf)

Remember the Day (Kinda complete, can be made into a loop.)

Adon’s Theme (Complete) (From Turok 2)

Hyrule Castle (Complete) (From Zelda:alttp)

Another Shore (Complete) (From Chrono Cross)

1000AD (Complete) (From Chrono Trigger)

I have 150+ melodies on my harddrive that are anywhere between 5 to 40 seconds long. Occasionally, I’ll whip out a project and modify it and then be happy with the result and end up making it over a minute or 2 long. Until then I’ll upload them then. 🙂

The following links are actually made since my debut to this website. Periodically they will update so keep on cheking! If you wish to use my works, feel free but please give credit where it’s due!

Sinister Caverns (Complete) (Made for here! Free to use)

Mystery Menu (Complete) (Made for here! Free to use)