Electroswing Conversion Thread

I am converted.

Conversation Process

1. Watch video 1.

2. Listen to video 2.

3. Enjoy your leg seizures for life.

3.2 Seriously. Try to put on a pair of jeans whilst listening to Catgroove. It’s difficult as hell.



The music is cool and the guy dances like a boss… But I still don’t know where I could get leg seizures from when I don’t move :D


Azzy you beat me to this… i was going to post electro swing a while ago, but didnt think anyone would care.

Ive been into electro swing for a little while lately. Parov Stelar is really cool.

Here is another cool song with that guy dancing… i like his dancing!


Here is another cool song


Try getting electro swing vol II it has some cool songs on it.

Not bad I like it but I think I prefer more classic big band, jazz, and swing.

My kinda music :)

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