Customized Profile Image (Tiled)

Was bored, made a tiled background for my profile here; Haz fun?

[attachment=1420:Flying Demon Sword (Tiled).PNG]

We all know what THAT is !


Richy is Satan, Confirmed !

More proof: He is red, he likes little girls, his profile picture is unclear and demonic.

If some admin/mod deletes my post or image, it will only make it more obvious that Eclipse is controlled by Satan.

Lol you’re cray.

tbh I can explain the profile picture… I recorded a video and posted it on youtube, and youtube for some odd reason just decided to pause on this frame, it was a transition clip2clip, faded in. It looked weird and cool so I screenshotted it. ❤

nah, don’t try to deceive me Satan, because my heart is pure and won’t be easy.

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