Well… the only thing I hawe right now is idea because I don’t hawe scripting nor source editting abilities wich are certainly neaded to making a game like this. But here it is:

Game would start in anicient timeline. There would be a big world with 2-3 continents, mountains, seas and stuff ewerybody would expect there to be. When player would log in for the first time he would be spawned randomly (dunno if that is posible) somewhere in the world. He statrts with one HERO unit and some realy easy to kill units. The thing with UNITS could be made like this: character is a army - not a single person. Army would hawe a fixed item that is the HERO and other equipment wich would actualy be part of the army (militia, legionists… samurais… stuff like that depending on the empire). Units - Items would add defence, attack and HP to the army and also ewery unit group would hawe a certain element (pikemans are strong against horseriders… things like that)… also dunno if ewerything in this system would work. There would be realy expensive units called obviously settlers wich would be able to build cities, vilages and fortifications - each player would start with one of them (they would stop existing after creating a city). Now something I’m realy not sure if it’s posible - when a city is found there is a tile placed in the certain position (where the player’s army is standing or next to it) with city gfx and (this is the most uncertain part) there is a new map generated - new map with a name wich the player type in. Those maps would be all the same (maybee 4 types of them depending on terain type) and only buildings would change and apear depending on technology and advance (a little bit like in heroes 3 I think). Hundrets of tehnologies and inventions improving units skills, hero’s abilities, structure improvment. Players could conquer each other and NPC kingdoms, barbarians, natives. Building vilages, farms and mines on the maps near the capital to improve their civilization, tax income and things. There would be some improvments that would bring civilization to another level (anicient>feudal>medival>renaissance>…). When one empire reaches the new level it gets something about day or two of advantage, after that time the advancment spreeds on other countries on the same continent or around the whole world and new civs starts from that point of “evolution” (so the nwer players could still competete with older ones). As for the armies - after battles (no mather - PvP or MvP) army leader (the HERO) can advance and gain lvls like in normal game and is allowed to hire difrent troops.

Tell me what you think about this idea and would someone like to create a game like that. I could map and make all the GFX for it but as I sayed - I can’t mod the source and I can’t script so a good moder and a good scripter would be neaded. That would also involve custom menus knowedgle.