Welcome to Keterna: Online!

System: EE 2.4

Keterna is an MMORPG based on the Eclipse MMORPG maker engine (chances are you’ve gathered that already!) I will be producing it with hopes of a good, playable release (to my standards) in less than one year. In the following I will describe some aspects of the game, and following its introductions, I will describe a few positions I have available.


The game will be medieval based, focusing on a strong, player run community and economy. Most items will not be able to be bought in stores, a player will have to find them, kill for them, or trade for them. The concept is pretty basic for an MMORPG, but, it is the economy concept that hasn’t failed across many successful MMO’s, so, I think rather than focusing on changing that, I can improve on other things to make a great MMORPG.


I only planning on having a few classes, possibly only 3! (Mage Equivalent, Warrior Equivalent, and Archer equivalent, but of course, not with those names and, not quite so broad) This is on the basis of balance. With only 3 classes characters will be very balanced… HOWEVER,

There will be secondary classes, such as a merchant, a thief, a blacksmith, etcetera. These secondary classes will focus on skills and abilities of a character

I also plan on having vocations, subset classes that focus skills more definately, such as on a particular style of magic for a mage, or a particular weapon or fighting style for a warrior. I have a lot of ideas but I don’t want to post them all here, reason being, I would rather make decisions on setup as a staff, because then different people, coming together can make something great!


I do want to have a basis storyline, similar to Ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian religious stories about their creation. (If your not familiar, its essentially several gods, each creating an aspect of the world, each with their own drama’s and even love stories, and, all in common, one banished-to-the-underworld demon, who I plan to have in the game as the boss for the most difficult quest)

Again, little of this has been produced because I don’t want to make things like these 100% written by me, because then it will follow my interests and ideas, and unless your just like me, you wont like it as much as is 5 different people with different ideas put it together.

Position Availability

Mapping Supervisor
A very skilled and possibly well experienced mapper. All maps will have to be approved by the Mapping supervisor before being sent to me for final approval, and then implemented into the games. Responsible for final changes to maps, corrections, and production of the more difficult and detail-oriented maps.

Directly reports to: Keterna:Online Producer

A skilled mapper able to pay attention to detail and dedicate at least some time to producing maps. Will produce maps at their own discretion, and under description and instruction of producer (ex. asking a mapper to produce a map of a small slime dungeon, instead of just asking them to map an entire region on their own creativity. Both instances will happen often)

Directly reports to: Mapping Supervisor

A skilled scripter, able to create a variety of NPC’s, quests, and etcetera. Must be knowledgeable in sadscript to perform these duties. If a scripter is capable, more detailed modifications, such as functionality additions (ex. creation of a larger script, such as a mail system script [only an example I know its available…])

Directly reports to: Producer

I honestly don’t expect to fill this position, however, a skilled VB programmer who would be willing to do modifications on the source code when and if released. Including but not limited to, addition of features, modification of current features, assisting with producing custom user interface.

Directly reports to: Producer

Graphics Artist
Most of the graphics I will do, because it is something I enjoy, however, I would like someone to edit and perfect my work, (again… I don’t like to be the ONLY one to do things because then I am the only opinion thats working on it!) as well as produce banners, GUI’s, website graphics (such as menu’s) and etcetera.

Directly reports to: Producer

SUBSET: in-game Graphics Artist
              A “spriter” someone to produce the sprites for  tiles, characters, items, NPC’s, and etcetera for the game

In the future:

Due to my geographical location, the absolute, physical best internet connection I can get is satellite, which I have. Speed aside, the latency proved by this setup is unbearable and nowhere near worthy of a server, no matter how powerful of a machine it is. At a much later date, when the game is ready to be released, I will need a host capable of hosting an Eclipse server and 50+ users.

Notice about qualification:

My basis for this game is multiple opinions. My theory is that if we put our heads together, and are able to disagree maturely, then we can get things done the right way. We can compromise between different opinions to produce a game that serves a wide audience and can be well liked. I ask that, if you tend to be hot-headed, or overly-stubborn, and are not able to work with those with different opinions graciously and with willing to compromise, that you do not apply.


There are three ways I would like applications, one by e-mail (nchwebmaster@wildblue.net), secondly, by posting a titled reply, and thirdly, by Private Message. I ask that all applications carry the following format:

Subject: Application for Keterna online      –Place this as an e-mail or PM subject, or as a reply title, please.

Name: --Please post a name I can call you by, be it a first name if you are comfortable, or, preferably for privacy reasons, a screen name or your name on this forum.

Position: --Please list the position(s) you are applying for.

Contact: --A simple contact information, E-Mail or Private Message only please.

Experience: --Please list any EE experience you have. Including personal experience. Please tell me hoe long you have been working with Eclipse.

References: --List any projects (and where to find them) that you have worked on, and possible a contact to any former project-persons whom you have helped or worked for.

Description: --This is your chance to apply, tell me what your expectations of me are, what you want to do, how much availability you have, tell me any reason you have to work on this project.

Goals: --(optional) If you have any goals within this project, as simple as “To become a better mapper through experience” or as much as “To have a dedicated hobby and see this project grow” Anything at all.

Comments: --If it doesn’t fit above right it here!

Signed: --I like to have things signed, even simply “Sincerely,” or “Regards,” etc. This is simply to be sure that I have your entire letter. I have had experiences where people’s e-mails have been cut-off, so, I like to have a salutation to be sure I have the entire document.

Thanks everyone for all the help this community has been!


John “Oberin”
Keterna Producer, Project Manager.