So after these least two day (Tuesday and Wednesday) I have worked
a combined total hours of 48 hours, so yesterday when I got off at 10:00pm
I went to see my friend and a few of other guys get a lift home to get a ride
home about 40 minuet drive, so we decided to have some “hash” to pass the
time, which was a bad idea since I was already tired as hell and now light
headed so after about 10-13 hits I was nodding off and I would say a good
10 min or it would have seemed but hen I woke up I say a sign that say
Berlin being  that I as a little more then just tired I was like where are we…
my friend replied Berlin I then quickly came to a little afraid because I know I
was not out that long and that would have been on hell of a trip form new
jersey… so I was like “what”, “I don’t remember taking a trip”… my friend
then told me to calm down and said not silly Berlin new jersey, I was oooh
ok… but that made it worst is that after that I could hear them speaking
German and Russian as I fell asleep in the background those basterds….