Hello. As you’re no doubt aware, I need people on my staff. I already have two admins whom I’m very happy with their work; however, I have no faith in them being able to finish a project in less than a month, so we need other people to go along with them. (I use Eclipse vers. 2.4, fyi.)

Firstly, our summarizations, storyline, and everything can be found below.

We also need a host; someone who does not mind taking care of our precious baby, Server. Needless to say, he or she will get full admin rights.

Etearna is a TRUE Role-playing game; that means not only can you do a bunch of quests for strange, funny, and sometimes serious people, but you actually can PLAY your character as if you were actually them.
Etearna needs people of the following skills:

LAT (Level Administrators-making levels)

RPA (Role-playing Administrator: People who read, understand, and know the rules, they also approve certain things for players as long as said approval adheres to our rules.)

GAT (Graphics administrator: You’ll be making/designing such things as character sprites, tilesets, and other things we may copy-I mean, use from you. :D)

SAT (Scripting Administrator: You will be doing scripts. We love scripts. Not one with bugs in 'em, but you know what I mean. Big projects like character schedules, wind, and things somewhat like that will be brought before you. Scripters, beware.)

We’ll let you know soon if there’s anything more, so please don’t hesitate to post here and show me your best work! Oh, FYI: Don’t message me on IM. I’ll message you on IM if I like your work. 🙂

EDIT: I’ve decided to stop being lazy and get down to the nitty-gritty so that you don’t have to go through our webbie.

Story: You start on an Island called L’Olath, (that name being shared by its captial, as well) which has been going through severe troubles. The Western town of Chath has become polluted by technology and neglect for their poorer population. The Great Forest has become infested with mythical creatures. The only bit of insanity that remains… is the Water Source for the land. Touched by the Water Goddess, the spring and rivers are all protected, forever, from poison, salt, or any other thing which will un-purify it. (Of course, only while it’s IN the river.)

Info/Summary: Etearna is a RPing server taking place in a modern setting in some areas, then a more magic and fantasy like setting in other areas. Etearna, also, is the name of the Royal Family who rules all of L’Olath. The land is in trouble. Feirce, unnatural storms have popped up around the isle, blocking all from escape. The Craft (common term for ‘magic’) is becoming more overpowering, as has technology. Cut off from the other Continents, L’Olath is, to say the least, in trouble. You must play your own role within the world, and uncover huge and small secrets. Through huge, group events, we’ll allow access to new areas as our population increases.

Time Era: Middle Age to Modern.

Gameplay type: Rping (Role-playing) where you ACTUALLY play your character. With classic RPG quests, items, and etc involved as well.

Features: The world doesn’t get affected by how your staff decides it does. We can make life-changing events, but only with our fellow admins’ approval. YOU build the world. You can increase yourself in occupation, such as a merchant and sell to other people. You can become a feirce adventurer, and get events approved (yes, you must approve events with us) as well as certain character traits. When we get good scripters, we’ll even have a sort of ‘schedule’ for NPCs, including those you may have beget (children). Of course, we’re not homophobic or racist. But this is an RPing world, so keep in mind… there will be some intolerant areas. (Like Chath.)

When we pull together a fantastic staff, a server host, and players, then we’ll do our best to make Etearna the greatest RPing experiance that Eclipse (or most MMORPGs) have seen in a long time. And if it isn’t the greatest, well, we’ll have fun anyways.

Lots of love, don’t get in a car crash,
❤ Sushi