hey all you may remmember me from ages ago ,well im back. now to the point i am making a game called protide i am using the latest version of t.e. and i would like to know is it possible to have a srt of a macro thingy like if you had 3 bit of wood in your inventory and you wanted to build a room that needs 3 bits then you can make it?. but the main point is can i make player owned houses like you go to a person pay 300 gold and a house is automaticly made just for that player people can visit but only under permission of the owner. how would i do that will it be via scripting or will i need to morf the sourse code?. but i would like to know if the basic ouse is possible via macro and scripting.
(if you dont understand or you want to rant about my bad gramma please pm or if you have a solution to this place it here)