So ya want to Paper doll but don’t know how?  I think I can help.

First thing you need to do is….  Take a deep breath and relax!  It’s not too hard and it can be a really fun experience for those who use it.

First off open your client folder. 

Then open your GFX folder. 

Inside you’ll see a lot of image files. The image named items.bmp is evil  unnecessary and needs to be deleted.  Go ahead, this is step one.

(Alternately you could open it in an art program and save it as a different named image to use ad edit latter.  Just remember to keep it as a .bmp so that the quality remains the same.)

Done it?  Good.  Now for step two.

Go to :
On the right side of the screen you’ll see a link that says :  32 x 64 Template
Click it and an image will appear.  Right click on the image and select “save as”. 

Save as any name you want, just so long as you know where it is and what it’s named. I saved it to my TE folder and named it PDempty.  What ever you do make SURE you save it as a .bmp.  Only .bmp file will work in Eclipse. Don’t save it as a .jpg because that will degrade the quality of the image.

Ready for step three?  This may be the hard part for you. 
Take a deep breath, it’ll be ok.  ^_^

You need to edit your sheet with an art program.  Why?  Be cause A: It’s blank and B: the PD sheet you get with the game maker is misaligned.  You need to make your own.

Every system comes with a basic art program.  While I have no idea what Macs use I know that windows uses Paint and Linux uses the Gimp.  You can all get the gimp for windows.  (It’s free, and it’s a LOT like PS.  It maybe not as fancy, but it’s a wonderful program.  Is this a shameless Gimp plug?  Yes, yes it is.)

Here I could make a number of of tuts just on this, but there are some wonderful tuts made by others in this forum.  I’ll direct you to one of them now.  When you have read it come back for the rest of the tut!,12511.0.html

Remember, you can use Paint and the Gimp to do this as well.  And the gimp works like PS.

Once you have the image done to where you have the items you want all perfectly aligned with your characters/sprites you can now move on to…

Step three:

Save your image, the one you have been working on, as Items.bmp in you GFX folder that is in you client folder.  (See a pattern here?)

The PD sheet, as is, can hold about 500 PD items.  Below al of those are where the regular items go.  So don’t worry if suddenly all of your items are gone, you just need to put them PAST all of your PD stuff on this sheet.  ^_~

Then go to your server folder.

Find your Data.ini file.

And change the Paperdoll from =0 to =1.

And that’s all there is to it!

I really hope this helped!  Any questions?  Post them here.  Or PM me!  I’ll be happy to try and help!  ❤