My first ever Tut, might not all be right but i dont think theres any tut on this soo its better than nothing.*

Ok Im making this tut Because. I had problems trying to update from EEv2.3 to EEv2.4 and i finally figured it out. The problem was that when i tryed transfering all my files from EE2.3v to EE2.4v folders i got a RTE 9 subscript out of range. You wont have to REDO all your maps (WOO)

MAKE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR NEW Eclipse Evolution 2.4v Folders
And your Eclipse Evolution 2.3v JUST IN CASE

Ok first off you will need to download  from here;8595309;/fileinfo.html

+This has the new .exes in the client and server folders already so its easyer to update THANKS Chrono917

+Ok after downloading it, open up your Eclipse Evolution 2.3v client folder and Eclipse Evolution 2.4v client folder

+Copy all your Folders in the Eclipse Evolution 2.3v client folder (BGS, Data, flashes, Maps, GFX, Music, GUI, And SFX) Not sure if they all will work (by not getting RTE 9 when trying to log in) but for sure Maps, GFX, GUI, and music will work.

+Ok so after copying all the files in Eclipse Evolution 2.3v Go to your Eclipse evolution 2.4v client folder and paste over the Folders.

+Ok now thats done. So Now Goto your Eclipse evolution 2.3v Server folder and same with Eclipse Evolution 2.4v. After doing so look at your Eclipse Evolution 2.3v server folder and Copy all of the folder in there EXCEPT Accounts, and Items( Not sure about scripts, spells, classes, Skills and logs.)

+Now look at your Eclipse Evolution 2.4v server folder and paste over all with the things you copyed.

+now Start your server Make a new account and make him admin….if you still get RTE 9 subscript out of range PM me and ill try to help.