EE 2.4 is released

Download -

Instructions take your EE2.3 folder and replace the exe’s with these. All 2.3 data is compatilble with this.

EE 2.4 Official Patch notes:

Incoming Server Data-
The incoming server data code has been removed to accomidate for the lag issues. As it caused small
ammounts of lag due to the upload Via FTP servers. We can accomidate the code once optimised for future uses.
This feature was originally intended to print out player stats via a website.

Paperdoll -

Paperdoll code has been modified to fix a slew of issues such as-

Armor Up animations fixed
Logon Paperdoll appearence
Paperdoll RTE’s
RTE 9 On logout with PD enabled

Item Editor -

The item editor is fully functional and usable with no cripling bugs.

Other Fixes-

Logout RTE 9
Currency and Item data overflows
Certain Random RTE’s

Known Bugs and Issues-                                  Planned Release Fixes-

Item Editor Picture Box has issues on the scroll feature        EE2.5
Spell Editor Picture Box as well                                EE2.5
Paperdoll map transfer issues                                    EE2.5
Some Map Editor Attributes are undermined                        EE2.5

If you find any isssues with 2.5 please post on the appropriate post titled EE2.4 Bugs

Credit goes to - Nickkos, Jackal27, DG1423

2.5 is in progress as we speak and it will be awesome!
I also want to take the time to say that TE is officially out of date as this is a stable release with ABSOLUTLEY NO CRIPLING BUGS…even if your doing paperdoll.