Uhh… I think this is my first tutorial, but I will only be posting one stance right now, I just made it today. It took maybe… 30 minutes to get it the way I liked =p

Use the numbers according to the Bottom…


White Background without Sword and Shield - Finished Product:

With Sword/Shield:


Instructions below:

1. First off.  I would expect you start out with a simple outline…
2. After you draw a simple outline, just add another piece, for the chin.
3. Then, find a base color, put it into the outline, with the chin.  Then add eyes.
4. Next, where all the shadows will be, use the lightest of the shadows you will use.
5. Now, we will finish the shadow up with darker colors.

.:: END ::.

-=If you want to paperdoll or are not using paperdoll, and want a clothed sprite=-
6. Draw an outline for the Armor, then read the Item tutorial[Coming soon!]
7. There is your finished product…

When making new races, just gather good colors, and place them over the colors on the made sprite.

I will edit later on, and have different directions.  And I will put in an Item Tutorial.

Uh… if you want, make your own sprite, and post it here, to let other’s rate it too…

New Race:
Demon Orc:
A mysterious crater, which appeared out of nowhere… suddenly an orc rose, and had slain 30000 humans, now… we fear them - Xenotron 2: A hero reborn story.
More Movement.

Item Tutorial: