GUI Button

I am looking for someone who can create a GUI button matching the Inventory, Character, Skills, Options and Trade buttons but one that says Guild and has any sort of graphic beside it that you think would fit best with a guild button.

I have an empty space in my buttons area in Eclipse Mega and since the engine has a guild system I would like to fill it with a button to open the guild menu.

I horribly fail at anything to do with graphics though and want it to look good and match the other buttons.

i PM’d you a button.

Any examples to show?

As I completely fail at graphics, I can’t make any examples for how I’d want it to look because whatever I try to do wont resemble what it should look like at all. It doesn’t really matter to me what image is used as long as it matches the other buttons style.

Here is the image jaekx sent for a guild button

here is all 3 buttons

Brilliant image, perfect to fill the slot. Thanks jaekx!

^__^ glad it is liked :D thank you!

How would I make my guild button call frmGuildAdmin, because I just end up with a error 9 every time

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