Eclipse Ãœber Tutorial

By: Tivoilos

Lesson 1-Eclipse Words-Gaming Words.
Lesson 2-Getting Started
Lesson 3-Getting a Name
Lesson 4-Getting all the things you need in it
Lesson 5-Getting it Online

Lesson 1!
Eclipse Gaming Word Tutorial/Common Gaming Words

Eclipse Words that you should know.

1. Server-A program that complies information into your client side.

2. Cleint-Where part of the main source code is a portion of the program that a client reads.

3. GUI-Graphical user interface./What you see.

4. Main Source code-The main code that a program/game/website is built on the interface.

5. Visual Basic-The programing language that Games/(only if your using not VB 6.0 Websites)/programs are built on.

6. Port Forwarding-Is opinging a port in your computers internet/router.

7. Sprite-The drawing that is used for you char. on your game can be 2d/3d.

8. 8. ISO - Isometric the angle of the tiles its normal right ||||but if they are Isometric then they are diagonal ///\  and you walk in that direction to                                  ||||                                                                  ///
                                                                              |||_|                                                                  ///

9. .ISO-A File feture to make things smaller.

10. .ZIP - A file which contains data, this data is compressed, uncompressed it is bigger.

11. .RAR - A file which contains data, this data is compressed, uncompressed it is bigger.

12. .7Z - A file which contains data, this data is compressed, uncompressed it is bigger.

13. .TAR - A file which contains data, this data is compressed, uncompressed it is bigger.

14. VB6.0 - Visual Basic version 6.0

15. VB5.0 - Visual Basic version 5.0

16. VB4.0 - Visual Basic version 4.0 the use of this is rare

17. VB3.0 - Visual Basic version 3.0 not used anymore

18. VB2.0 - Visual Basic version 2.0 not used anymore

19. VB1.0 - Visual Basic version 1.0 not used anymore

20. PHP - First Personnal HomePage currently Hypertext Preproccesor a scripting language for website, this is to conversate with servers.

21. JS - JavaScript, this makes your website dynamic.

22. HTML - HyperText Markup Language the basis scripting language for websites

23. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets a scripting language for websites to make the website nice in graphics and such things.

24. ASP - Active Server Pages, a scripting language for website, this is something like visual basic but then for websites.

25. Local IP - The Local IP is, this is on each PC.
Static/Public/External IP - This is the IP of your router, check here or here

26. ORPG - Online Role Playing Game

27. MMORPG - Massive Multiplay Online Role Playing Game (above 200 players)

Run time Error - This shows up when there is a problem with some code or something else.

28. EE - Eclipse Evolution, last version

29. TE - Total Eclipse.

30. .INI - Initialization file.

31. .CFG - Config file.

32. .DLL - Dynamically Linked Library

33. OLE - Object Linking and Embedding

34. .PHP - File used with PHP

35. JS - File used with JS

36. HTML - Basic Website File.

37. HTM - Basic Website File.

37. .ASP - File used with ASP

38. .CSS - File used with CSS

39. HEX - Hexadecimal.

40. Binair - 1 or 0 this is true or false.

41. - Visual Basic with the .NET framework

44. String - Characters in a word, sentence or senteces.

45. Boolean - True or False

46. Int - Integer

47. Integer - A number without something after the . so 17.88 can’t be an integer. 9 is an Integer

48. Long - A number with something after the .

49. C++ - A programming language created in 1992.

50. C - A programming language created in 1985.

51. .EXE - Execution file.

52. .DAT - Data file.

53. To Update - Old files will be replaced with new files.

54. Auto - Automatic

55. Auto-Updater - Updates old files automatic.

56. Socket - A connection object between server and client

57. .BMP - Bitmap file.

58. .PNG - Portable Network Graphic file.

59. .GIF - Graphics Interchange Format file.

60. .JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group.

61. To Encrypt - Setting a string to some other characters by a mathematical formula (Note: You can decrypt this)

62. To Decrypt - Setting a encrypted string back to normal.

63. To Hash - Setting a string to some other characters by a mathematical formula (Note: You can’t decrypt this)

64. MD5 - Message Digest Algorithm 5

65. MD4 - Message Digest Algorithm 5

66. SHA1 - Secure Hash Standard 1.0

67. .SWA - This is a flash file.

68. .FLA - The source of your .SWA file.

69. Scripting - Scripting is not the same as programming, with scripting you make a file or a piece of text or code to let it run on a program.

70. Programming - Programming is not the same as scripting, with programming you make a program.

71. GP - Gold Pieces

72. M - Million

73. NPC - Non-Playing Character

74. SS - SadScript

75. SadScript - Scripting language in Eclipse.

76. Main.txt - This is the place with all the sadscript codes.

77. Main2.txt - Backup of main.txt

78. Backup - A copy of the original file if there goes something wrong with the original. (Note: Always back-up important files)

Lesson 2!
Download Eclipse from the website
I recommend starting with TE then moving onto the more advanced program later on once you have mastered this program.

Once TE is done downloading extract the file from its zip folder

Once you’ve got this done then you can proceed into the “Server Folder”

Once you’re inside open the file that says “Server.exe”
Once clicking it will bring open the server

The Finished Tutorial will have pictures
Let me know what you think so far.