im a total noob you might say but i do have an outline for the game and a world map… – sad i know… anyways here is the storyline:

20,000,000 years before our present day in dimension that mirrors our own there is a  world known as vythomir. The planet has been peaceful for 40,000 years before an astroid hit ground zero. There was some element in the space rock that corrupted the planet. Where the meteor hit in the west sea caused an immence maelstrom that oppened a portal to hell, this formation is called the spyril. The darkness spread until the world became abyssmal and day appeared as adark as twilight. As an adventurer you must find someway to cure the world even if it means going to hell itself…

heres the world map:

there are 12 base classes in the game:

phase I is from lvl 1-25 II is from 25-60 and III is from 60 +

warrior > knight > general
rogue > bandit > shade
mage > wizard > warlock
archer > ranger > hunter
sorcerer > summoner > necromancer
specialist > assassin > zealot
guardian > crusader > paladin
explorer > pirate > captain
spiritist > shaman > druid
acolyte > cleric > preist/preistess
aprentice > monk > bishop
praetor > dragoon (male)/jangoon (female) > arcangel


party and guild questing
pk and pvp
ownable ships
skills and spells depend on alignment
join a pvp faction
hang out at a casino ^^
alignment changes (through temples)
customize your character
land set aside for players to own
a quest board where u can post offers and rewards to ppl h fetch u an item
trades (as in jobs) such as:
mining/smithing (if u dare make a reference to runescape on this one ill kill u ><)
merchant trade (ever play silkroad?)
weapon/spell making
author (write guides that go into a library in the game)
chemistry (differs from alchemy)
part time worker (shops will hire u and u get paid)

if u r interested plz download hamachi (im working on getting my server up i hav a slight router problem and im getting a new one soon) and giv me ur email so i can send u the file (these only apply to ppl interested in designing the game later on i will post it as a download when alpha comes) gl and ty.

i need:

1 mapper

2 scripters

1 person who can make good GUI

2 paperdollers (maybe 1 really good one)

2 people who can design some custom gfx that matches the sheets i like using

i can host the game and i have a website.
i prefer 32x64 sprites and anything custom made is welcomed

your help is greatly appreciated. ^^ ty  ^-^