(The topic was locked as I was writing this - I miss being a moderator sometimes.)

Can the people making the newer EE versions remove VBMP.ocx from the next and subsequent releases please? If we are going to have some passive-aggressive fascist pulling liscense rules out, it might be better to remove it.

According to this set of drama, anyone who edits EE source must remove VBMP.ocx OR place some credits in the MAIN WINDOW. For some small thing Eclipse doesn’t even need, and something that caused hassles with the first couple EE versions it was used with. It’s not like amatuer game developers have enough potential problems with copyrights and liscensing, we don’t need to have this one looming so close to Eclipse.

I implore the Eclipse developers to nip this in the bud and remove VBMP.ocx so this doesn’t happen to future Eclipse game creators.

And to DemonX, although this is your perogative, I want to let you know that any personal respect I’ve had for you is now gone. Taking some personal fued you have and using an Eclipse component as a weapon in your petty little dispute, is damaging to the entire Eclipse community.