The developers are certainly at a quandry at the moment as we are not entitled to use VBMP.ocx in the eclipse engine. However I am working on a solution…

I am writing a new OCX that I shall name EVBMPSnd.ocx this is a bias of my own code and not of the asshole demons.

And I sincerley think I speak for at least half of the community and certainly most of the developers when I say this.

DemonX…and Spanion…you both made a great game…its over now STFU!!! JUST SERIOUSLY STFU AND DONT talk to each other ever again. And to demon…STOP BEING AN ASS With all your Oh…yea I copywrote this and that shit…personally demon I hope you burn in hell and I dont care if I get muted warned ETC right now because if this is in anyway edited from ever seeing the light of day I will leave the eclipse community delete the version of 2.4 that I am currently working on and never write a new sound engine. DemonX is being a dickhole by restricting the use of his contributions which should belong to eclipse as it was used in conjunction with the engine.

So To DemonX I speak from the bottom of my hear sincerley when I say Fuck you buddy…holds finger up

DG1423 I doubt will be developing 2.4 ever again…so really its up to me And the other Devs.
Im just trying to say that without that genius behind my back things will go a lot slower and be a lot harder on the engine. I need some people to seriously back me in creating 2.4