This is a final warning. Remove VBMP.

Allow me to teach you a valuable programming lesson.
An ActiveX Control is a special type of Application that can be used in the source code of other software to make it part of that program.

A.K.A. VBMP is software compatible with, and used in, EE

VBMP, an ActiveX Control, was created for public use, not Eclipse only. EE is Open Source, true. That doesn’t make VBMP Open Source. It’s like saying RuneScape is Open Source just because Linux, a platform that it can be played on, is open source.

Now shut up and remove it before I revoke permission to use SimpleUpdater also.

My response:

You put the active X control into an open source client and gave permission for the eclipse community to use it you cannot Revoke permission to use it based on an individual basis.

Same goes for Simple Updater.

Eclipse Evolution is open source which has permission to sue the control if you want to take it from me, take it from all of eclispe and give directions on how to remove it from the source since you implemented it.

Did demon not offer to put VBMP in the Eclipse evolution source?

So demon where are the directions how to remove it from the source with no bugs and implent the old system you can’t just shout take my software out when someone already has permission to use it there is no contact and no copyright on VBMP.ocx so go to hell.