Since Eclipse becomes id say more and more beter. Soon it will be at same stage as other 2D Games and maybe even 3D Games.

Why Eclipse is good Tool?
    - Free Control on everything
    - Best Tools
    - Easy to learn and easy to develop
    - Good Tool to learn first VB6
    - Even if it has some bugs it can still manage over 100 users with clean
      Coding in main script and server source.
    - Source is made so clean that it is easy to edit it for your needs.

Eclipse and Playerworlds?

-Many people think that playerworld games are “Crap” wich makes to me no
    sense… it was playerworld this is eclipse complettly different platfrom with
  just same beginning core but then it all changed eclipse became No.1

What you can Create?

-Different its imagination actually what you can create even old Guild
      System can be redone for something like this.

- You can make different spells wich have different effects … even
    complicated ones like + 5% exp bonus for 1 hour

How to make Stuff like there?

- Pretty Easy to answer… just Read Tutorials they are wery good. After
      Few days u will be knowledged with engine… first u need know basics
    like all your ten fingers… beore that dont try learn scripting if u dont know
  how to make paperdoll support or dcent game with few maps and stuffs…
  Testing will make result… trust me.