Im Hiring A Mapper For A Game Im Making, It Involves Myself, Someonelse and Soon You!  ::)
Im Building A Game Which Allready Has All The Details Planned Out Throughly Except Maps Need To Be Made. Along With Yourself There Will Be 2 Others That Will Be Working On The Mapping Also Who Are Able To Put In Long Hours [Not that we need you to but it always helps :P]

Currently We Have:

  • A Forum Running
  • Plenty Of Interest [30+ People Wanting To Play With Beta Not Realesed Yet]
  • Wellthought out names of places, locations and ingame features.

So If Your Up For The Job, whether i part time mapper or a full member of stuff, Just Post Some Of Your Work and ill check back regulary.

~ Matt, Owner Of DOI [Dawn Of Immortality (Working Name)].