Private Message 100% Functional

Sorry my english

There are other tutorials for the same purpose, but this is the most comprehensive, tested and approved.

Open Client

1 - In modInput, look for:

If left$(chatText, 1) = "!" Then

2 - On the line below where it has:

Exit Sub

3 - Replace with:

If Mid$(chatText, 1, 2) = "! " Then GoTo continue

4 - Look for:

ChatText = Mid$(ChatText, i, Len(ChatText) - 1)

5 - Delete this line or replace with this line:

'ChatText = Mid$(ChatText, i, Len(ChatText) - 1)

6 - Look for:

MyText = Mid$(ChatText, i + 1, Len(ChatText) - i)

7 - Replace with:

chatText = Mid$(chatText, i + 1, Len(chatText) - i)

8 - In modClientTCP, in Sub PlayerMsg, look for:

 Buffer.WriteLong CSayMsg

9 - Replace with:

 Buffer.WriteLong CPlayerMsg

Open Server

1 - In modHandleData, look for:

Call PlayerMsg(GetPlayerName(index), "Cannot message yourself.", BrightRed)

2 - Replace with:

Call PlayerMsg(index, "Cannot message yourself.", BrightRed)




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Havn’t tested yet but I appreciate your helf !

There was a bug fix for this problem. And might I ask who approved this?

I approved. I work with the Valentine a long time and can rely on their codes.

I like that these fixes come out. But I have to ask is, was there a previous issue with the system?

I like that these fixes come out. But I have to ask is, was there a previous issue with the system?

Robin never completed it. (Or he never fixed it.) That was the only issue.

This correction is wrong…

True correction:

            ChatText = Mid$(ChatText, i, Len(ChatText) - 1)
            Name = Mid(Name, 2, Len(Name))

            ' Make sure they are actually sending something
            If Len(ChatText) - 1 > 0 Then
                ChatText = Mid$(ChatText, 1 + 1, Len(ChatText) - 1)

To be fair, he was posting a fix for a tutorial that is technically still relevant. I’m not really going to discourage that.

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