Hi there, good people of the forum, I have some questions.

The first is this: in the command Call PlayerMsg(index, “Blah”, 15)  I know that 15 is the text color and “Blah” is the message, but I’m wondering who is index?  Is that ever one one line?  Or must an individual be specified?

Next is a bit more of a complex question.  I would like to have two seasons in my game, the dry and the rainy.  I’d like to have a certain # of game days be counted  in script before a seasonal change.  The change would be marked by rain (And a lot of it) where plants would grow and animals would return.

First of all can such a season script be made that would count the days?I know the rain can be called as I’ve seen a script for such a thing in the script forum.  Second can NPC spawn rates be scripted?  I’d like for them to only spawn in the rainy season and when they are all “Killed off” they won’t come back until the next season.

And one last question (For now) Is there a way to script a different day night cycle?  I’d like there to be an evening and a morning.  I know some one said it had to be done in the source, but I was thinking I could make a script that would tint the screen according to a timer.  (Think back to the RPG maker days here.)

Thanks for reading this and if I don’t reply to your reply right away I’m just on vacation gnawing at my lap top and waiting to home home to the internet.  I’ll be back next Friday but may not be on till Sunday.  (Ya, a whole week!  Gnaws at desk) So don’t worry, I’ll be back!