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Hey guys. We are approaching a release and we would like to make this game look much more professional. We have an amazing engine with awesome features but our team has no experience in certain fields labelled below and so we are looking for candidates who are willing to join a serious project.

The following roles are availible:

¤ Graphic artist - Website graphics / Game UI

¤ Pixel Artist - Item Paperdoll / Spell icons.

¤ Wiki Admin - I would like the wiki to have some content before release so if you like the game and want to help us, you could help on the wiki during your spare time.

We have a great community on our forums. You will be required to sign up on the forums to join simply because every update, idea; basicly everything happens on the forums.

We already have great programming and an awesome team that we hope you look forward to working with. If you have any questions you may pm me or reply below and I will gladly answer. :)

WIP (If you prefer to see the original topic: http://www.touchofde…arkness-online/)

One of the oldest eclipse project (2007!) has been revived. I’ve edited this topic to better represent the new version. I’m bumping this topic because I want to recruit some new staff and I needed a WIP to show them.

We hope you enjoy all of the advanced and unique features this game has thanks to one of the best programmers on Eclipse, Blkcrow.

UI & Game Screenshots:

! The patcher which will contain changing images of new content. Also the spells bar drawn vertically to better fit our design and help screen size issues for those using low resolution.
! Maps are scrolling!
! Stats:
! Base Stats:
! Strength - Raises melee damage
! Dexterity - Raises range damage
! Vitality - Increases max hp and hp regen (Currently 1 point = 10 hp)
! Intelligence - Increase max mp and mp regen (Currently 1 point = 10 mp)
! Additional Stats:
! Critical Rate - Each weapon (range and melee) will have a critical %. The only way to raise your critical rate is by getting a weapon with high critical rate. Currently the max is 30% critical rate on weapons.
! Block Rate - Each shield will have a block rate. The only way to raise the block rate is by getting a shield with high block rate. Max is also currently 30%.
! Attack Speed - Modifies the physical attack speed of your weapon.
! Life Leech - A percentage of the physical damage you dealt is returned to you in HP.
! Movement Speed - Perhaps the only eclipse game with proper movement speed. All boots have different movement speeds and without any boots your character is very slow. Of course the boots have other stats too.
! HP Regen - Unlike the simple life regenration you gain from base stats like vitality, you may also get the HP Regen stat on certain items, further increasing your regen speed.
! MP Regen - Same as above but for mana.
! Critical Multiplier - This is the damage multiplier when you land a critical hit. Most eclipes game keep this to a static amount. Because we want players to create builds, we thought it best to add it as a stat you can get on items incase a player wants to do a high crit build.
! Spell Multiplier - Physical builds that use bows or melee weapons scale nicely by getting better weapons with more damage. So in order to keep caster classes as strong, their weapons (wands & staves), have a Spell Multiplier stat which multiplies the values of spells. These caster wands will help you damage more, heal more or make your DoTs stronger. Of course a melee build may choose to keep a wand in their inventory to equip when buffing themselves using spells. The buff will be stronger. The more build diversity the better :)
! Stun Chance - Certain items may give stun chance allowing melee characters to have a chance at stunning the enemy. This creates more build diversity. Of course casters can have stun spells too!
! Note: Your critical rate and block rate will NOT fall to 0% if you do not wear a shield or weapon. The minimum block rate set is always 1%
! Elements:
! You may gain elemental damage stats on your items to increase your melee elemental damage. However casters use our element system too! Each spell has an element and with a high elemental resist, the damage can be mitigated. Our combat formulas which include the element system work with NPCs and in PVP.
! NPCs:
! Monsters also have elemental damage and resistances. In fact, monsters have all the same stats as players! They can have high resistance to certain elements, life leech, crit and even stun frequently. Especially bosses!
! Spell System:
! ¤ Spell Tree: Each class has their own unique spell tree with unique spells for that class. The tree has branches so you need to level up certain spells to get access to the others just like Diablo 2 if you remember.
! ¤ Spell Levels: That’s right, spells can be leveled up in the spell tree. Each time a player levels, he is awarded 1 spell point to put in a spell of his choice. We set the max spell level to 5 which appears to be low but its quite high for an eclipse games. 5 points per spell, with 16 spells planned (to start) that’s already 80 points. As new spells come out for each class, we will raise the level cap up to 100. We want the amount of points useable to be lower than the level cap so it is impossible to put points in everything.
! ¤ Spell Synergies: Players want to get the last spells on the spell tree because they tend to be the most powerful. The problem is that the spells that the player got to reach those end game spells, have become obsolete. With spell synergies, if a player levels a spell, each point in that spell may increase it’s synergy (if it has one). For example: Each point in Strength buff increases the amount of strength the buff gives. But putting points in another spell that is a synergy of str buff, will increase the duration of the buff. This means that some spells can be improved by putting points in synergies. You can imagine all the builds this will create for each class.
! ¤ Spell Types: Because we have an advanced element system, it was crucial to include this system in spells. Thus, buffs/debuffs & other spells have elements to them. Although certain spells are pure magical (deals pure damage to health), most spells have an element so getting elemental resist will protect against these. Players can also buff themselves with life leech, higher critical/block rate, attack speed buffs/debuff and more.
! Boss System:
! ¤ Our programmer has done a terrifc job with a Boss editor that turns an ordinary NPC into a very hard boss by adding in boss effects.
! ¤ Bosses can cast a scripted spell every between x and y amount of attacks or between x and y amount of seconds. So when you are fighting a boss, everything seems more natural and unpredictable. The boss may have a combination of these types and cast a ton of different spells. These effects are scripted so a boss may try to heal every 5-10 attacks (if he has xx% of hp or less or perhaps he applies a hp debuff to everyone every 30-40 seconds.
! ¤ On top of casting spells realisticly, bosses also have the normal attacks which can life leech, stun, deal elemental damage, etc. Bosses can also have elemental resistance or cast a buff on themselves at certain intervals. Fighting a boss your level alone will be almost impossible.
! Characters & Classes:
! ¤ Accounts can hold several characters so you no longer need to make one account per character.
! ¤ We plan on making 5 to 6 classes and will be revealing more details on them shortly.
! Buff/Debuff & Icons:
! ¤ None of the buff & debuff systems on eclipse forums work, atleast not with icons. Our programmer has created a system that works and that shows the buff icons on screen that your character is affected by. Buffs and debuffs have a ton of types and can be casted on yourself, party members or even enemies.
! Buff Icons Screenshot:
! Guild System:
! ¤ Guild Levels & Xp: As players kill monsters and gain xp, their guild will too. Guilds receive the same amount of xp a player does instantly and it goes towards their guild level. Several features are planned with guild levels such as buying guild buffs which can buff all members (with a very long cooldown like maybe 2 hours). It also unlocks new guild icons.
! ¤ Guild Icons: Guilds can unlock guild icons by leveling their guild level. These guild icons represent your guild and can be seen above player heads beside guild name.
! » Many more features to come with guilds…
! Paperdoll & Animations:
! ¤ We are using paperdoll for items so your character looks awesome in his gear (especially when wearing a set [which will match visually])
! ¤ Life Leech & Stuns have animations and sounds which make the combat very cool.
! Item Rarity:
! ¤ Colored Item Names: Just like in most rpgs, items will have colored names if they are of a special rarity. A unique item has a golden name, a Set piece has a green name.
! ¤ Item Quality: Normal items which can be dropped or purchased from a shop will have three qualities: Normal, Excellent, Perfect. All three qualities will have the same stats but the higher the quality the higher their value. So if a Normal shield has +5 Hp & 10% block chance, the Excellent version may have +6 Hp & 12% Block Chance. Shops can only sell Normal quality. This means that when you farm monsters, if an item drops that you already have, it may still be an upgrade if it has quality. Perfect items will have high trading values because they are more valuable and help perfect your gear!
! ¤ Item Sets: Certain items belong to a set. Thanks to our new set editor we created, we can set up items to be bundled in a set and equiping the full set will yield some great bonuses. However, collecting a full set may be hard so; wearing certain pieces of the set (even if it is incomplete) will give smaller bonuses in the meantime. Bonuses are completely unique and some of the half-set bonuses are completely different from the full set bonus so you can enjoy different gear builds.
! (Perhaps you wish to only wear 3 pieces of a 5 piece set because the 3 piece bonus is better for your build than the full set bonus. Plus you can use the extra slots to maybe place a unique? Potential gear builds are endless)
! Sets can be 2 items or 5 of whichever slot items we pick in the set editor
! See sets we are working on:
! See uniques we are working on:…dex.php/Uniques
! Quest System & Projectile System:
! ¤ We are using two systems from the forums: the quest system and a broken projectile system which we fixed up for bows. Everything else was programmed from scratch by our programmer or myself.
! Chat & Controls:
! ¤ We are using ASDW controls! The controls feel so much more natural: aswd for movement, ctrl for attacks and 1-9 keys for spells (instead of F1-F9).
! ¤ Players can bring up the chat bar by hitting Enter and then typing their messages. They can also click an icon to send a message to the Map, Server or Guild without having to type silly commands like -Hi Server or $Hi guild.
! Extra info:
! ¤ Second oldest eclipse project? Yes I’ve started the project in 2007. Although I’ve given up several times on it because of work, school and girlfriends, I’ve revived it and i’m serious about it. I’ve bought the domain, rebuilt it on EO and gave the programming duties in the very capable hands of Blkcrow.
! ¤ An older verison (v1.4) was played by over 200 players.
! ¤ The team still has some veterans players/fans since 2007. They give valuable input and ideas.
! ¤ We strive to be professional: The maps, the gameplay, graphics, etc. We like when maps look fluid and all aspects of the game look profesional (As much as possible anyway. it is an eclipse game afterall.).
! ¤ I only accept applications of players whom are serious, smart and fun. I don’t want kids nor idiots.
! ¤ The game will be 24/7 using Dedicated hosting once it’s released.
! ¤ Our forums has gold, shops & items. So sign up :P
! Join the staff:
! ¤ Most wanted positions: http://www.touchofde…arkness-online/
! ¤ Other positions: http://realmofd.uphe…x.php?board=5.0
! I will be updating the recruitment thread soon. For now please send me a pm for the following positions:
! ¤ Wiki Admin
! ¤ GUI artist
! ¤ Pixel artist
! We have the best programmer and one of the oldest and experienced designer from Eclipse but we have no artistic talent whatsoever. So if your talented and want a serious project with amazing features, consider shooting us a pm :)
! Links:
! ¤ Website -
! ¤ Forums -
! ¤ Facebook -…fDarknessOnline
! ¤ Wiki -
! Current Staff:
! ¤ GreenDude - Owner/Designer
! ¤ Blkcrow - Lead Programmer
! ¤ Hdom - Admin
! ¤ Raiden - Forum Moderator
! Special Thanks:
! ¤ Ambard - Created most of the old GUIs
! ¤ Dg1423 - Created some scripts for us from v1.2 to v1.4
! ¤ Aǝroplane - Transfering this topic from my old account to this new account (newer not new lol)
! If you prefer to see the original topic: http://www.touchofde…arkness-online/

blkcrow has joined the team in the programmer position. He’s the guy who posted tutorials for 8-movement directional walking and Animated tiles.

Still looking for people for the other positions.

I wouldn’t mind taking you up on the wiki admin position, just something to do as i’ll be having spare time soon. I can start monday/tuesday (10/08/12) (10/09/12)

good project :)

@Zeffrit: Great, just sign up on the forums and wiki. Both links are in the topic or availibe @

To make the content in the wiki, visit the forum’s Realm Of Darkness Online >> v1.7 section. Theres plenty of content in there to be able to start topics on the wiki. I’ll give you a group on the forums too. Since we don’t have a wiki admin group yet, you get to pick the group color :P

@MrPerfecTR: Thanks! :)

Hello! I love the concept idea of the game, and I am excited how it is being revived. I am currently looking for a job as a map designer, or a game master. I work very well with communities, and I am willing to work any type of hours needed. If you could get back to me, that would be wonderful.


Sent you a pm.

Bump - New Wip posted & looking for new applicants (see edited topic for positions)

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