Disappointment of new ownership decision and Concerns.


As you may see the title and how provoking it may seem, I have some good reasons for what i am adding, as there are many valid reasons why i feel this way and why i feel as though the plan for Eclipse V Cancel was not just the worst choice made but also the choice of changing how things are done over the curb without discussing and planning this with the community.

Before i start, i would like to add that though each to there own opinions and some not all choices were considered good choices that were made with the changes, please bear in mind that what i am writing is from my own accord and no backing of sorts from other members that feel the same way unless they agree to what is said.

A Special Request to all members reading this, if you would be as kind as to avoid spamming this Thread with Negativity, though i feel  your responses have valid reason for what you state and your opinions should also be heard, i employ you to please keep it to yourselves, thank you.

Cancel of Eclipse V:

This is the biggest issue, and to be honest i don’t really personally care about the other reasons, but from a business perspective making one thing a issue requires making all of it a issue, as the chain of command flows the same as the chain of problems.

After Eclipse V was show reeled on youtube and the promise of it coming out and planing, including the way it would function, had fantastic ideals and plans for the future. Adding content Blocks for different Sectors and simply adding them as mentioned was a Unique add-on including the simple way of placing multiple objects and changes to terrain including the LIVE Changes (Perfection).

Based on Eclipse V which i was waiting a very long time for, i planned out a strategy for development for an upcoming game i wanted to work on for my business, especially that it had been said it was available for mobile platforms as well, regardless as you may say, you reap what you sow and that i should have waited for it to be released first is unfortunately a true story. However that also goes for suddenly canceling the project.

Though you may not realize but without proper notice so late in the stage of development, canceling the project, royally screwed my future plans for my development, because of this i need to find a new engine and a new development team to build which will cost me a hell of a lot of money… what i had planned for my game, that i initially had planned based on Eclipse V features.

I understand, taking over the website and business is one thing, but this will leave you with its problems as well, making the choice of cancel in staid of continue or at least the upcoming development having the features it advertised, if not then i stand firmly with what i am saying.

This was a very bad choice to make on a business perspective, though it’s possible that only i am complaining, what does the voice of just one person matter? But it does matter, it’s a real issue.

As the saying goes, an army may fight a war but one man may defeat a war with strategy.

In any case, it’s very disappointing that this canceled i had high hopes for Eclipse V with the content blocks. I had great future plans with manipulating them, truly unfortunate…

In any case, i deliver no hate, no bad intent of ill will to the new owner or his developers, i hope further on this community grows and you have a fortunate new outcome, many of the ideals you have are fantastic, making it free for the public and all that, truly great to have such caring people to give it out free and open source.

In all fairness it’s your fault for putting such high hopes on an official new engine. Engine’s take a lot of time to develop, no matter how small they are. I believe it was cancelled due to the new owner not getting the source from Amish, the previous Emperor. While yes, they did bring a lot of hype into the atmosphere when it was actually being worked on, however that drastically fell when there was literally no development notices whatsoever. Regarding your “hire a new team” comment, take a look around in the talent center and see which programmer works for you, there’s many capable of doing what you are asking, for the right price ofc. some people will ask for lower, while others, higher.

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EclipseV is, and always was, jcsnider’s code. He retired from Eclipse, and so, no longer has an obligation to release it.

It isn’t exactly DTK’s fault (nor his decision) that Eclipse can no longer provide it.

Also, what gave you the idea that the engine was anywhere near completion, anyway? It is your damn fault for putting your business plan on an engine obviously months away from a release, let alone completion.

Rather than being proactive to find alternatives, learning to build your own, or even hiring somebody to do it faster for you, you put all your hopes onto an engine from a community with a history of being particularly demotivated?

Eclipse is no longer a business (it wasn’t even a profitable one under previous ownership). I can safely assume that EclipseV was either unlikely to ever be released or would have had hefty subscription-based costs to cover.

Your post reeks of self-entitlement. If you planned out a strategy, then you should have worked out that almost absolutely nothing on it would have went to plan anyway, and should have prepared to adapt to alternatives.

Why do noobies have so much to complain about???

Amish had already said that Eclipse V was short of funding, one could already assume something from the lack of updates and/or post about it…

It’s fine to put high hopes in something but when it doesn’t happen, complaining about it shouldn’t be the end result, because it’s not going to change anything anyway.

Find alternative, re-route your planning structure. Unity awaits you!

You saw a walking-simulator with “seamless” maps and a login system and thought “Hey I should make and plan a whole game off of this!”? Comeon.

If you were that far ahead, and planned a development strategy for your game; why don’t you just learn how to program or find a programmer and make your own game from scratch? If that doesn’t suite you, learn a little Java and use the many libraries out there that port to multiple platforms.

To be honest, I’ve only seen four, maybe five games actually get to a “completed” stage using Eclipse. And that’s the last 5/6 years.

Basically, if you’ve got high hopes for you game, program it yourself and don’t rely on an engine made in VB6. Eclipse is great and all for small games, but nothing what you described.

EO V was really already dead months ago. When jc retired from Eclipse there was no real reason for him to continue it or to release it. Even if EO V wasn’t cancelled it still would’ve been a long time until release. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and always have a backup plan.

This is unfortunate. So what is the new direction now?

Obvs Eclipse Skywyre ;D

It was cancelled, most likely because Eclipse is no longer a business like it was before, so Yukiro have no way of paying Jcsnider to work on the engine, which was actually further away from being done than you seem to think. Since Jcsnider choose to keep his code for himself, since that was the deal all along, that the engine was supposed to be Closed Source, he has all right to completely cancel it without releasing anything. To be honest, since Amish was already low on funds for it, it might have ended the same way eventually anyway.

Luckily for us, there is (yet) another engine being worked on, aside from the continuous work on Origins, there is now Lunar Eclipse, a new engine made in C# by the new volunteer developers, which both seem very competent thus far, however, I wouldn’t’ expect anything worthwhile for a couple of months, since it’s a project that they are working on their spare time.

Well, if there’s anything I can do, I’m willing to help.

Previous, ITT Techincal student here. Didn’t graduate though. 😞

I feel that this was more of a rant because of a change of plans with Eclipse. However, I do share some of the annoyment because Eclipse V was looking interesting. That s where my agreements end though.

If you put such high hopes on V when there was nothing being said or updated with it then that’s your fault, plain and simple. The switch of leadership really didn’t have much to do with the discontinue of V if you ask me, it was running out of money and support. It just seems like the switch of ownership was the final straw, and if you ask me, it’s about time, I’d rather be told it’s dead than to be told the same thing later, or even wait 5 years for it to come out and find out it’s not everything I hoped it would be or just find out how much time I wasted waiting. At least this is closure.

Also, next time, you may want to include more than one example of the disappointments instead of only talking about a single, seemingly personal example.

It’s rough. But something you gotta learn as a developer, is do not make plans based on un-released engines. 😉

I’m for hire. 🙂 Desktop os’s only though.

I’m glad to see you have concerns, this post also seems to be centered around V. There’s not really anything in here that I see you being disappointing in me as the owner, V was not in my control at all. It was unsupported, dead and not nearly finished. I generally said it was going away because I seen disappointed members, not because I actually had any say in whether it was staying or not.

As to why you based your project and hopes on an unfinished engine that hadn’t had any news or updates in forever just kind of has my jaw hanging. I really hope you’re not blaming me for such a thing, ahahaha.

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