[Fix]Shoutbox Posting Issue

So, for some reason, the shoutbox stopped working for some members recently. I found a fix to the issue. The shoutbox won’t take IPv6 Ip Address for some reason anymore. And for some even weirder reason, by default my fresh install of Windows was enabled on IPv6 which for some even weirder reason jerked up my whole home network…

Long story short you need to disable any IPv6 feature currently enabled… Here’s an image showing what I did:

Glad im not the only one with the problem.

I have IPv6 and it works fine for me…

Glad im not the only one with the problem.

Did disabling IPv6 fix it for you too?

I can confirm that this does indeed work. Thank you Crest.

Disable IPv6 to fix a shoutbox, only on eclipse!

That is super wierd, someone should check for a shoutbox update. I am sure there is one out by now.

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