Enumerator Switchup

Im trying to reconfigure some of the source so I can just add a new mod with pre-defined features… whereas so if i release a custom engine all people will have to do is make a simple (editable) mod for you to upload to your project (and i have a mod where you would add a code to call a sub within that mod so you can add the entire mod and its features in one line of code) – Basicly create the BEST engine (as far as getting help on it) for noobs.

Ive gotten everything down aside from one issue… I am trying to make the server and client Public Enum’s have a call feature built in so that when you add a new Enum type in the module it will automaticly pick it up (not sure if im looking or needing this to go by the order that my “import” module calls the mod into the program) but im also trying to prevent people from getting confused by making it in case’s or loading name type example - Public enum add(1) , Public Enum add(2) ect through a predefined amount of numbers, and needing to go back and forth finding out which number/names havent been used to list the next one (BASICLY ENUMS HAS TO FIGURE OUT ON ITS OWN TO CATCH A NEW PUBLIC ENUM TYPE AND ADD IT TO THE PREDEFINED LISTS)

Does anyone have any idea how i could create this kind of system?

~Dearest Reguards - SpiceyWolf




Holy crap i was on drugs

Lol Wat

Hahahaha like my questions on 2010 ;P.

lol dunno what the heck i even wanted that system for, (I am having a hard time even understanding what i said there I think I was drunk) but I understand the Enum thing i was asking for was basicly just a Dictionary or List xD

Either that or i was trying to figure out how to make a plugin system via Source pages? holy crap I dont know xD This topic shoulda been flat out REMOVED long ago

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