What do the different stats do?

Hello! I’m trying to design classes for my game, and I have no idea what the stats do, and I’m too lazy to check the source code. I remember seeing a post explaining it, but I couldn’t find it, or anything else when I searched the forums.

If anyone could just explain the stats, that’d be very nice.

They do things you couldn’t even imagine.

They do things you couldn’t even imagine.

Amazing, please explain further.  🙂

Alrighty, let’s see if I can remember.

Strength affects damage and parry rate.

Endurance affects Max HP and block rate.

Agility affects Damage reduction and crit/dodge rates.

Intelligence affects Max SP/MP without any tweaks.

Willpower affects the incremental amount at which you heal per regen period.

Not 100% sure on all of this, cause it’s been a while since I’ve dealt with stats I haven’t tweaked, but I’m pretty sure 😄


this is what it use to say on the FAQ for EO2.0

Adds to your max melee hit at [STR / 2]
Adds to your base melee damage reduction from a successful block at [STR / 2]
Adds to your base parry rate at [STR * 0.25]

Adds to your max health at [END * 5]

Adds to your max mana at [INT * 10]

Adds to your base armour rating at [AGI * 2]
Adds to your base dodge rate at [AGI / 83.3]
Adds to your base crit rate at [AGI / 52.08]

Adds to your health regen rate at [(WILL * 0.8) + 6]

Adds to your mana regen rate at [(WILL / 4) + 12.5]

Well… I was almost right haha

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