EclipseOrigins change of ownership

I didn’t get a chance to say my bit about the new owner so hopefully it would be alright to do so here.

With all of the doubt and discussion about ownership past and current I would like to bring up some points i believe are important

This is a support forum for a program, and forums aren’t hard to run. pick good moderators and watch them. /end do.

yukino bought the forum to keep the forum running, and to change the fate of the program. hes making it free. thats enough for me to support him.

This forum, like many niche support forums has regulars that are tired of answering the same questions. i know when i first came and tried to learn it was hard to pry the information out of anyone. a simple solution is a growing FAQ section so old members could just link people and potentially be friendlier. as examples check out the blender support forums or the forums for dwarf fortress both very closed groups.

like many forums, moderators arent paid and are picked from the members. It takes real maturity to keep yourself in check as a moderator and not just do what you want to do for yourself and your friends. and it takes maturity to understand when to pull the plug on escalating situations regardless of how people respond. short version  is argue and nitpick somewhere else if thats what you want to do. good moderators dont just manage misbehavior they shepherd users welcoming and guiding users towards proper topics and behavior. moderators are pointless if nobody moderates the moderators.

the chatroom should be visible from any post being viewed. part of why people dont chat is they dont know they’re being spoken to.

if i had known about this program or its related programs and the community in which i could find developers earlier i would of joined and visited the site earlier. not sure how advertising this would work but it’d be worth it if you want a big community

The problem with Eclipse is that the Owner always pick inactive staff or useless ones, mainly because they are friends in reality or share some past here on this forum.

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