Need Programmer and Such - Chaoscraft

As most of you know, I’ve decided to pick Chaoscraft back up. With that being said, we’ve already gathered many talented artists that are ready to start back up on the project starting tommorrow. We already have Carim setting up a 24/7 server host, so we’re back in action! Sadly we are in need of a programmer, as much as the engine does already have, we still need a few more things, and the combat system needs a giant change. Chaoscraft cannot be complete without it.


Synopsis of Chaoscraft: What do you do? Its basically a Tibia or Runescape mixed with Maplestory, you skill, hunt, quest, with a soon to be hack and slash and projectile combat system. Programmer will be able to efficiently code a new hack and slash combat system with combos, as well as extra small features to do with items.

**Interested? **Send an application through PM and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.





Previous Work/Projects:


Currently in need of: 1-2 Mappers, 1-2 Developers (NPCs, Items, etc), 1 Programmer

Team as of now: Seb (Artist), SherwiN (Artist), Zetasis? (Artist) and myself.


Bump, still looking for programmer.

Bump! Currently using Eclipse Worlds with sidescrolling feature as the engine, and we still need a programmer!

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