Control + V Game



Lol wut? I don member that

HP Desktop w/AMD Athlon II Quad-Core Processor, 8GB RAM, 23" LED Monitor and Wireless Printer at BestBuy $599.97

The computer I’m going to buy on Black Friday 😄


That is sad… my clipboard is empty.



Dear mister Dickhead,

I am sorry you are an idiot. I am not, however, sorry for calling you mister dickhead.
Lots of hate,
Bleeped mah name ;D it’s my venting letter to my headteacher.

Now this is a story
all about how my life
got twisted upside down
and id like to take a minute
just sit right there
ill tell you how i became the prince
of a town called Bel-Air

{parse articles}


green day isnt just a band, its an religion


Welll……  That reminds me that I should work a little bit more on my Java Project.



[Pie] ICT

Bring a bag of flour to school and on your desk make lines of flour and attempt to snort them

Read more:

I was attacked by some idiot in the clay flats….

Haha, Sigh, that’s an amazing page.


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