City Of Illusion

I’m Back to work on this.

Server Status :

Download : (by downloading you agree not to steal anything from this game) alpha

Removed till new server is ready.

City of Illusion is a modern mafia based game.

You play as a member of one of the two families Minisco or Castillo.

All weapons are melee and there are no cars in this version(like the older one had)



Adds to your max melee hit at [STR / 2]

Adds to your base melee damage reduction from a successful block at [STR / 2]

Adds to your base parry rate at [STR * 0.25]


Adds to your max health at [END * 5]


Adds to your max mana at [INT * 10]


Adds to your base armour rating at [AGI * 2]

Adds to your base dodge rate at [AGI / 83.3]

Adds to your base crit rate at [AGI / 52.08]


Adds to your health regen rate at [(WILL * 0.8) + 6]

Adds to your mana regen rate at [(WILL / 4) + 12.5]




In Work

Havent Started

Slot machines -gamble away your money or win some.

Drug Using System - effects and addiction ( 10% done testing area only

Drug Dealing System - Buy and sell drugs from npcs for diffrent prices based off the game dope wars

Cop system - Special Spawning conditions of cops(examples walking around on drugs, breaking into parked cars for small cash, not killing people) ( done up to the point it can be must wait on other systems to be finished first)

Team NPCs - Npcs that wont attack you if you are on it’s team.

Random Jobs - small mini missions for legal work. ( 20% done testing area only)

Random Missions - Get random missions from your family to gain more Family respect
(details wrote up just to be added)

Prositution with STD system - do you really need to ask? also will have side mission for special equipment. Having a STD wil only effect your ineractions with other NPCs. (15% done testing area only)

Mapping = 90%

Items = 90%

NPC =  85%

Spells = 100%(only healing spells)

GUI = 100%

World Map

Minisco HQ first floor

Approved, very excited to play this game!

Hey the yellow text is kinda hard to read. Can you make it a different color?

fixed the text.

Also just talked to friend about getting FTP server set up for the updater tomorrow or the next day and talk to other who will be hosting the server at her house on a pc i’m going to bring over(kinda slow pc but fast net).

Server should be online at her house once she gets back in town next week. Sometime around the 14th or 15th.

I won’t lie, it would be cool to have cars, but this game sounds neat, well thought out, I’d give it a try when it’s out

Also, I hopw you put some NPCs into the HQ and they just didn’t show up lol

oh they just dont show up also the HQ’s will be closed durring alpha testing.

@[member=“Draken”]. I can help with hosting

Can’t wait to play it 😄

Been working on the drug dealing system a lot today.

The buy and sell price will always be the same for these shops. So if you can buy it for $20 then you can sell it for $20.

Is there a way to be robbed of your money? If so then the buy and sell back being the same may not be a great idea because you can use it to keep your money, just a thought

Players can not be robbed. Well not from the main dealing npcs the crack heads im adding will have a small chance of robbing you or just running off with the drugs the will be made with an event instead of using random shop. There is also a chance of cops to spawn when you go to buy drugs and you can not talk to the same Dealing npc twice in a roll. Once you buy/sell to the npc you must find another npc to buy/sell to before you can go back and use the first one again. Which at that time changes again to a diffrent random drug shop.

Alright, sounds very well thought out, I can’t wait to give this a try 😄

Please tell me you can kill other players and they drop something.

Please tell me you can kill other players and they drop something.

Apparently not in the version i found as a back up. Had it drop everything in your inventory at one time but not it doesnt drop anything, that version must have been eatten by the virus I got about a year ago and lost a lot of stuff getting rid of it. If I can fix it I will, it will be after alpha test most likely

Stupid double posting internet connection of mine. DELETE THIS POST please.

Server should be up tonight around 9 or 10 pm central time tonight and Client will be ready for download after FTP is set up so I can set up the autoupdater. Just waiting on buddy to set that up for me.

Might release a Pre alpha client just would need to delete it after I get the version with the updater set up ready. That is if enough people want to play.

Server is up.

Client is in first topic(non updater version) will need to d/l the new one once i get updater set up.

Also notice for some reason team npcs are attacking everyone now not sure why might just change them to attack when attacked for now.

As Requested Drug Dealer Location Map

Red D are dealers most will be inside the buildings.

I have fixed the Team NPCs they should be only attacking you if your of the other team now.

you should be able to start to kill the other Teams npcs around level 8 ish. I did kill one on my level 6 but it was by luck sometimes they kill you first.

Changed system of how to buy beer. Now there is a bar tender instead of just going to the bar and attacking it. Also added martini and shots of whiskey to the drinks you can buy.(no graphics yet still waiting on FTP might set up FTP on game server pc)

Starting to work on the Random mission system for the families.

Also will be adding the medical training program(only way to get heal spells) to the hostpial.

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